Somet's Protojar (VRChat Avatar)

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It’s the Protojar! My own fantastical take on the Protogen species.



  • Avatar 3.0.
  • FBT compatible (untested).
  • Constraint-based digitigrade legs.
  • Unity scene and prefab already set up, avatar is ready to be uploaded.
  • Dynamic bones in tail, mane, ears, and liquid.
  • Custom shaders for the face and dynamic liquid.
  • Custom AFK animation.
  • Includes source files (Blender, .unitypackage, more coming soon)


Shaders used: Poiyomi Toon V7.3.

Dynamic Bones, Poiyomi Shader, and the latest VRCSDK3 are not provided so be sure to have them in your project before importing the avatar package.


Blender version used is 3.0.1. Unity version used is 2019.4.31f1.



By purchasing this avatar, you agree to the following terms of service:

You CAN:

  • Modify, upload and use for personal use.
  • Make public/clone-able versions of the avatar in VRChat and Neos
  • Sell or ask for commissions to customize the given assets, as long as both commissionee and commissioner have purchased the assets.



  • Resell any assets, even modified.
  • Share any assets, unless all parties already own the original assets. This includes uploading a custom version to someone else's account. 
  • Use anything for the purpose of hate, political engagement, or to cause harm to others.

*Price may increase over time as I improve and add content to the avatar. Planned updates may include better UVs and substance files, different head shapes, a better custom face shader with eye-tracking, expressions, visemes.*

I want this!

You get: Unity package, blender file, custom liquid shader

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Somet's Protojar (VRChat Avatar)

4 ratings
I want this!